By Jeremiah Paprock and Joseline Salmeron

UIC Flames play against the Loyola Ramblers during the COVID-19 season, with empty bleachers and masked referees. Credit: Jeremiah Paprocki

As of April 26, 2021, 117 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Men’s Basketball student-athletes have already declared for the NBA Draft this summer. Many still have yet to declare, but of that group, only 38 of them are seniors. That means the other 79 of the eligible draftees if drafted, will play professional basketball before graduating college with any degree.

The two most popular pro-sport drafts are the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL). To qualify for the NBA draft, the athlete must be at least 19 years old…

The City of Chicago Data Portal gives us data on Chicago crime statistics.

Crime in Chicago has been a hackneyed political talking point for years now, seen most notably in the former U.S. President Donald Trump’s critique of the progressive city.

Not only has it been at the forefront of much political debate, but the influx of carjacking within the last year has also even generated a denunciation of video games like “Grand Theft Auto” from lawmakers.

Upon reviewing a City of Chicago dataset, the number of reported crimes seems to be diminishing within the past 20 years.

View the infographic below for statistics specific to 2019.

As Chicago reopens, leisurely reading can provide a safer alternative to group recreational activities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Historic Chicago Bee Branch Public Library. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Spring is approaching and Chicagoans have been feeling the weight of almost a year spent in lockdown. Wrigley Field and Guaranteed Rate Field have received the green light from Mayor Lori Lightfoot to allow live audiences. Restaurants have increased dine-in capacity up to 50%.

Although the coronavirus pandemic seems to be approaching its culmination, officials still implore Chicagoans to observe social distancing guidelines.

In light of lifted COVID-19 restrictions, wary Chicagoans are still looking to observe safe social distancing and find ways…

The 2020 NBA virtual draft picks show the impact of COVID-19 in player selections.

Sports fanatics were faced with crushing news as COVID-19 restrictions shut down all audience attendance for sporting events. The novel virus forced large professional leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, to adapt and to devise new procedures to continue sports events without risking anyone’s health.

Thus, came the construction of the NBA bubble and virtual draft picks for the NBA and NFL. …

Craft Breweries by State Rankings

Craft breweries have given many Americans the experience of a beer hall experience that is yearned for in the era of COVID-19. Take a look at how craft brewery numbers compare from 2015 to 2019.

Source: Datawrapper graphic

Throughout the United States, we see that, in 2015, there was no less than eight craft breweries in the nation and reached a total of 518 craft brewers.

The Brewers Association boast a little over 50,000 members in their association, combining American Homebrewers Association and US brewery members. Such a large membership has given the association the resources to measure the growth of not only craft brewers nationwide, but to also measure brewpubs, microbreweries, and taprooms.

Source: Brewers Association

Lower West Side Chicago neighborhood deals with the pandemic

By Joseline Salmeron and Mistica Maldonado

A vintage map depicting Pilsen’s rich history located in restaurant La Casa del Pueblo. Photo Credit: Joseline Salmeron

On Nov. 12, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Protect Chicago as a coronavirus response to inhibit the spread of the virus. The announcement detailed over 1,000 deaths through the remainder of the 2020 year could happen if residents do not change their behavior to curb the mounting cases of coronavirus.

The new order went into effect a few days later, mirroring one put in place back in March: No private gatherings can exceed ten people, no indoor restaurant dining, and an advisory asking residents to…

Chicago is home to many locally owned businesses and bookstores are no exception. With COVID-19 cases on the rise through the winter months, Illinois officials are encouraging people to stay home.

Faced with limited options for entertainment, many people faced with tech fatigue, are turning to books to provide a refreshing change of pace.

Here are some bookstores that need all the help they can get to combat pandemic related losses in revenue.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, absentee voting is appealing to more and more Americans as the contentious Election Day approaches. Many Americans are looking to avoid COVID-19 related shortfalls in public voting environments and have turned to absentee voting. Although this may seem like a viable alternative, voter fraud misinformation has prompted a growing distrust.

Most Americans have little to no experience with mail-in ballots and its relevancy is prompting fears of a rigged or ineffective election. As evidenced by this Google Trends Analysis, voter fraud searches increased as COVID-19 cases began to grow in the United States.


Governor Pat Quinn discusses MAP grant’s future with DePaul University staff and students.

Editor’s note: This story was originally posted on Dec. 12, 2012 and is housed at

By Bob Smith

Gov. Pat Quinn visited DePaul University’s Loop campus on Wednesday to discuss how pension reform is harming the Monetary Award Program (MAP) college scholarships and access to higher education in Illinois.

“This is so important to our state, not only in the past, but certainly now and in the future,” Quinn said. …

Joseline Salmeron

Communication major at University of Illinois — Chicago

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